Jewellery designed for those who embody success, strength and motivation.

Why wear Bitten Bullet Bead Bracelets?
Each piece has been handcrafted with premium materials. We only use hand inspected high grade semi-precious gem stone beads along with solid 0.925 Silver details for a luxury feel and finish. We use 8mm beads on our bracelets, which is a perfect size for stacking or as standalone pieces.

Our wrist wear is designed for those who desire success, motivation, happiness & self improvement. We believe to have these things you need to learn, grow and take action, even take a chance. This is where the name Bitten Bullet comes from. Taking a chance on life and biting that bullet to grow be more and do more with life.

Our Story.
Bitten Bullet was started in 2012 as a part time project to develop jewellery skills taught to me by my grandfather before he passed in 2010. My granddad was a self taught watch maker & jeweller who’s first experiences with watch mechanisms came in the form of diffusing bombs and mines in World War 2.
As a young teenager he was caught up in the Nazi invasion of his home country Poland. His mother helped him escape capture, the rest of his family was not so lucky. For the next few years he spent time on the run and in and out of several Nazi prison camps, each with its own daring escape story. The final prison camp he spent time in saw him placed into a Nazi uniform, along with many other prisoners, and forced to fight for Germany. Luckily, he was captured by the Americans, taken care of and then sent back in to fight back.
After the War he was brought to Britain with nothing to his name. He travelled with Billy Smarts Circus as a clown and did watch and jewellery repair on the road. After a few years he met his wife, who joined my granddad in the circus, escaping the poverty of the Glasgow gorbals in the 50’s. They eventually settled in Rossendale in 1960s starting a family and setting up a watch and jewellery business.
I take the lessons and the philosophies from my grandparents and put it into Bitten Bullet hoping to inspire others and to show even coming from the worst situations with some hard work and inspiration you can achieve anything.